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Encryption and security
Encryption at rest and in transit
End-to-end encrypted storage
End-to-end encrypted file sharing
Zero-knowledge encryption
Two-Factor authentication
GDPR Compliant synchronization
AES-256 encryption
Zero-knowledge access from browsers
Open source
No third-party file access
Access and file management
WebDAV support
Web app
Windows desktop app
Mac desktop app
Linux desktop app
Android app
iOS app
Available on all devices
Sync any folders
Backup folders and files
Unlimited bandwidth
File sharing
Password protection for links
Download limits for links
File requests
Free account storage
Monthly base pricing
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Lifetime plans
Deployment and support
Business plans
Support center
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Why choose Internxt?

Internxt creates private and secure cloud services designed to put you, the user, back in charge of your data. Protecting your files and your fundamental right to privacy, all Internxt services are built from the ground up for unparalleled safety and security.

Internxt secure cloud storage

Secure cloud storage with unmatched privacy

What makes Internxt so special? We’re a tight-knit team of professionals completely dedicated to protecting you online. Everything we do and every decision we make is centered on protecting your data from being exploited.

Private by design

We don’t store passwords or user data and all of your data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest. Internxt puts you in full control of your files. Your data is your business. Protecting it is ours.

Uncompromising security

Your files are end-to-end encrypted before ever leaving your device. Thanks to zero-knowledge AES-256 encryption, you are the absolutely only one with access to your data.

Open source and transparent

We are proud of what we do, so our code is made public on GitHub and can be personally reviewed, audited, and verified by anyone. We have nothing to hide but your data.

Independently verified

We’re wholly GDPR compliant and 100% safe, but don’t take our word for it. Internxt has been independently audited and verified by Europe’s leading penetration testing company, Securitum.

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Get up to 10GB for free!

Create your free account now and get full access to our suite of online privacy services.

Honest reviews from our users

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Eva W.

Journalist for

Internxt is a convenient cloud storage service for privacy-conscious clients. It has a streamlined interface and a reliable support team, which makes it a great option for those who need to store their files securely.

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Cristian M.

Review from GetApp

The best encrypted Dropbox alternative. Overall: We needed an alternative that allowed us to store client files and work (social media files) and as Internxt is GDPR friendly fit perfectly for us!

Quote symbol

Josep C.

Review from Trustpilot

I've been using Google Drive for several years, but I needed an alternative which granted me the privacy of my data. Something that Google or other well known platforms can't do. That's why I moved to Internxt.

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Pat G.

Review from Capterra

I am storing files for a non-profit organization and working with Internxt was marvelous! This drive was very easy to use. I didn't have to do anything but upload and download. The program and drive did the rest!

Quote symbol

Luca C.

Review from GetApp

The future of cloud storage! Love the fact that finally we have an affordable encrypted and secure cloud storage software that also has a very cool look and is user-friendly.

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Binet S.

Review from Trustpilot

Fast, reliable, and inexpensive - best components of any product! The ample storage space is definitely appreciated! I have enough of space to save all of my photos and files. I also like how simple it is to share files.

Questions? We have answers

If you compare Internxt with all the other services, you will find that Internxt is the most private and secure alternative to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other popular services.

Internxt has no way to access your stored information and is the most private cloud service on the market today. While many cloud services offer advanced security features, very few of them don’t have access to your information.

An open-source cloud service differs from a traditional service in that all of the service’s source code is made public. This allows individuals to independently verify that the service does what it says it does. Internxt is fully open source, and our code is posted publicly on GitHub.

It’s difficult to know for sure which companies don’t access your data because very few of them keep their source code private, but almost none claim to ever access your data. Internxt, on the other hand, will never access your data, and that claim can be verified by auditing our source code.

Safety is only a click away

Protect your personal data with Internxt's privacy suite.